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Our vCISO Services:


Silver - Compliance

Startups solely focused on their (first)

ISO 27001/SOC 2 compliance audit needing compliance experts to expand into new markets/industries.

Also suitable for customers that are using an existing compliance automation platform.

  • High-Level Gap Assessment

  • Customise Controls and Policies

  • Establish a Compliance Program Roadmap

  • Complete 1 SQ/DDQ per month.

  • Review and provide insight around compliance

  • Provide resources for compliance efforts

  • Facilitate introduction to Pentest Partners and oversee.

  • Research and facilitate an introduction to GRC vendor partners


Gold - Security & Compliance

The ideal level for organisation

looking to outsource both Compliance and Security needs.

Provides a partner who can drive strategy, function as the vCISO and supporting other (security) team members.

This service helps you fulfill the requirement for a dedicated security leader mentioned in most major regulations and standards.


Everything in Silver Plus:

  • Provide vCISO

  • Establish a Security Roadmap

  • Provide monitoring of external footprint

  • Monthly review of the current state of Cloud-Based Infrastructure covering IaaS, PaaS, IAM and general Cloud Security posture

  • Dedicated support for sales cycles and inquiries from prospects.


Platinum - Security & Compliance & Privacy

This is the ideal level for those organisation needing a focus on Security & Compliance while having the need to build out a privacy program as well.

This service level includes our largest dedication of resources, allowing smaller organisations not to need an in-house team or allowing you to scale your existing team without the need for additional FTEs.

Everything in Gold Plus:

  • Data Privacy Officer

  • Business Impact Analysis Services

  • Implementation of a custom security page for your company.

Cybersecurity for Small businesses

We help small and medium enterprise business leaders like yourself with our vCISO services to help you get clear on your company's cyber risks. In the long term, this can decrease the risk of a data breach, improve your network security, and protect your sensitive information.

Control your security risk and protect your sensitive data without having to resort to hiring a full-time CISO.

Cyber Security for Small and medium Enteprises

The cost of cyber security risk reduction is a significant expense for any business.


However, while it is an expense that is necessary to have if you want to protect your business, it doesn't mean that you need to have to pay a high price for it.


The vciso advisory services is a security program that will help you reduce the cost of cyber security risk reduction by helping you identify the areas of your business where you are most vulnerable to cyber security attacks and helping you to develop a strategy to protect your business.

The why of VCISO

The basic idea behind vciso is to provide small and medium enterprises with a cyber security risk assessment and vulnerability management program.  The program is provided by independent consultants and by the parent company. The service is intended to be lower cost and allow small and medium enterprises to get the most for their cyber security dollar or pound. 

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